April 15 2020

I've been thinking a lot about this word.
Free thought. Free delivery ;)  Free 'information.'
Free hugs! (will there ever be a day again?)  Free zoom calls?  Free money...
Freedom as a feeling.  Freedom of expression.  Freedom as a value.

Plants in the wild - are wild flowers the most free?
What does freedom mean to you?

This pic was mailed to me, it's of my bestie best, Elyse.  She caught a ring I made for her in this photo, accidentally and beautifully.  Being in her energy always makes me feel free.  
--- ---
I took some time to think and to listen.  I slowed down. Cleaned out my closet. literally and physically.  
Been a moment to really check in, eh?

I love you guys, and I hope to be able to serve some of your small business pretty needs.  Jewellery makes me feel good.  It makes me feel free.

-- --

Please, check out my NEW Web Shop.  I have been working hard on it.  Let me know what you think!
Link is in bio.   Yes, New Items that are READY TO SHIP are up now.  
I'll be updating new jewels there often.  

I am most excited to show you a pair of little OOAK studs for $42 - the Akari Studs.  (photo 3) They are the first in a series of Molten Studs--  Manipulated silver in it's molten stage.  Each stud unique. I'll be releasing new pairs often.
Thanking you and others for thinking differently in this time.  More important, thinking consciously - by supporting your local people, allowing information to sit with you properly.  Keeping your emotions and your health and your fear and your habits and your body in check as much as possible.  I think the solution to moving into the new world graciously is to be thinking critically about what we want to support going forward.  What matters most to you?  Down to the very smallest actions.
My promise to myself and to my beloved network (you) is to share my thoughts more freely with you.  I don't always have answers but I sure do have a ton of questions I'm hoping that is the best start.  Curiosity matters.  It's what connects us.

From an early March (Day 8) Braindump snippet to myself I thought I would share with you:
♦maintain balance
♦keep notes on everything - activities, research, the moon pulls.  delve into the consciousness.  you are ready.
♦let your intuition guide you. listen now, more then ever (but be cautious).  confident in understanding. firm in your beliefs. ♦make longterm goals that involve local business. nature/ farming/ herbs/ immune function 
♦images are beautiful! spread joy /wisdom /beauty /knowledge /honesty /frank, openness
♦ ♦keep your eyes open keep your body healthy keep your mind free ♦ ♦    

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