The Deep is based in Toronto, Canada where our founder and chief metalsmith and designer Kendra Elizabeth Welham has been growing her craft since 2016.  Kendra applies both conventional and unconventional metalsmithing techniques in her work.  Incorporating themes of dark fantasy into wearable art, The Deep jewellery are unique pieces that feel like metal armour for the soul.


Fire, metal and time are our main ingredients.  Sculptural pieces are carved in wax by tool and heat, then cast into precious metals. Other pieces are hand fabricated from gathered sheet metal or recycled bits. 

The Deep's classic jewelry forms and shapes have an applied texture that invites an organic, rustic feel. These textures seed in Kendra’s fascination with the ever growing and decomposing natural world.

All jewellery is 925 Sterling Silver.  It’s important for us to bring you the best materials possible that will be gentle to your skin and withstand the marks of time.


Whether it’s to celebrate a special event, or a special someone (including yourself) we are all here for it all. Kendra will personally bring your future heirloom piece to life by hand carving and hand fabrication.

Please fill out this form to receive detailed information about the process time and price for your piece.  Thank you.
Learn more about Kendra's process and story:

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