Sheikah Eye Ring Custom Process

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The Legend of Zelda 's Sheikah Eye Symbol Ring

Sheikah Eye Ring from the Legends of Zelda.

This ring is a Custom build.  Inspired by the symbol of the Sheikah tribe - the Shadow folk.  The Sheikah have pointed ears, red eyes and excellent hand to hand combat.  They are secretive folk with magic abilities and great wisdom.  Much of the Sheikh tribe and history is shrouded in mystery, but their reoccurring symbol appears throughout Hyrule to remind us of their presence.  

I have included some screenshots here to peak your imagination.

♦  My website has a BESPOKE section where you can see a few of my favourite custom jewels made.  This ring is 925 silver.  If you are ever curious for a custom piece, please reach out!  

A one of a kind gem.  

 A little wiki page on this symbol, it's significance and history in the Zelda games:


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